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Pantoprazole Injection

Pantoprazole Injection

We are offering Pantoprazole Injection to our esteemed buyers all over the world.


Provides The Complete Overhauling of Acid Peptic System :

  • Extends potent & specific action on final stages of gastric acid secretion
  • Very safe (Despite potent & specific site of action)
  • Superior, (than contemporary PPIs) for prevention of relapse
  • "Pantoprazole is superior to esomeprazole regarding the prevention of symptomatic relapse & for relieving symptoms of GERD"
  • As effective as newer PPIs but with the advantage of established trust (having been in use for long)
  • "Rabeprazole & Pantoprazole provide effective relief in patients with GERD & nocturnal heart burn"

Provides :

  • Superior day time relief
  • Definite night time efficacy
  • Prevention of symptomatic relapse